Ambition report 5th. December’16

261014_3 It looks like the Southerly current is slowly moving inshore but  the low is blocking its passage. However there were a number of Marlin encountered, I heard of at least three tagged and one lost, over the week-end as well as a showing of Tiger sharks and Mahi Mahi  also, all indicative of the warmer water being out there. At present or at least a couple of days ago there was a good Marlin bite between Port Stephens and Port Macquarie producing both Blues and Stripes – hopefully the current will move close enough in the next couple of weeks for us to get a shot at them.

As a consequence of the Southerly current being held out wide the070516_1 current in closer is slow enough for Brown’s to be fished and quite successfully by all accounts, producing Blue Eye and some Gemmies too.

In shore Kingies still reign supreme with most of the inshore reefs holding good numbers of undersized or just legal fish with some really good ones amongst them. Apparently the 021116_3difficulty is finding live bait which is essential for the bigger fish.

So with the ‘Hot’ currents getting closer every day and anticipation running high its time to get out there because by the time you hear about it, it could be too late…

Tight lines,


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