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Autumn with Ambition Charters:

Welcome to Ambition Game Fishing Charters where Autumn signals the changeover of species from Summer to Winter and also to some great fishing…

April to June 

Autumn trolling resulted in Yellowfin on deck...
What we wanted

By the end of April and into May the warmer water is starting to recede and schools of Sauries become apparent around and over the shelf. These Sauries are a good indication that there might be YellowfinTuna about. Sometimes if the currents are right and you are lucky big schools of good sized Yellowfin tuna may be found out in the wide grounds over the shelf.

A late season Autumn Blue Marlin...
A great Blue Marlin – the ultimate game fish

Early Autumn is a time for trolling since the gamefish and the bait are thinning out. Trolling is the best way to cover the ground necessary to find the bait and associated gamefish.  In reality Autumn is the time for big Blue Marlin and in fact is the time for the biggest of each of the gamefish species.

May is a most difficult month to predict. The fishing is totally dependant on the ocean currents which at this time of year are even more fickle. So if the Summer currents continue into May almost anything from big Blue Marlin to schools of big Yellowfin tuna, Mahi Mahi  and all the other gamefish may be encountered.

A beautiful Mahi Mahi - Autumn fun...
Mahi Mahi on Ambition

What I have described is a very general overview of what to expected on the East Coast of New South Wales. As I have mentioned the currents are very fickle so finding the fish that travel in them is a matter of observation, perseverance and knowledge of what the currents are doing.

At Ambition, we offer fishing charters off Sydney and surrounding areas, such as Port Stephens. So contact us today to find out more.

Several weather sites report on the currents and are well worth looking at.


Bureau of Meteorology
N.S.W. Bluelink

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