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charter boat hire sydney harbourCONTACT DETAILS
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Phone : 0427 887707

Charter Fees:  A full day fishing starts at 7am. generally returning to Port by 5pm. However this is open ended and may be varied to suit your requirements.

Also, because of weather conditions  and long fights it makes it difficult to define the return to Port time unless of course you need to be back at a particular time or don’t mind losing a good fish.

                                                    Full Day                    Half  Day       Clients

Game Fishing:                 $1,800.00                        N/A                   up to 6

Sport Fishing:                          N/A                         $1,300.00          up to 6

Estuary Fishing:           $400.00 / hour                                           up to 7

Whale Watching:        $400.00 / hour                                          up to  7

Harbour Cruising:       $500.00 / hour                                          up to 10


For the Game Fishing experience of a lifetime…

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