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Game Fishing on the East Coast of Australia…

The Fishing :

East Coast Game Fishing  can be divided into seasons all of which
are dependant on the meanderings of the East Australia Current which is really a series of giant eddies with smaller spin-off eddies and being as fickle as they are cannot be defined by exact dates…

An East Coast Blue Marlin...
Big Blue…
Summer :

The waters start to warm up around November – December bringing the first run of Mahi Mahi , Hammer Heads and Tigers sharks. Striped Marlin Fishing is the ultimate, with Spearfish also in demand and the Yellowfin may still be around. Towards the end of December, often on Christmas or Boxing Day the first of the Black Marlin fishing  begins on the inshore waters and they may be in numbers.

Black Marlin fishing
Mahi Mahi Gold…

As the waters continue to warm peaking around February-March all the above species increase in numbers and the Blue Marlin arrive, these can reach over 400kg. but usually average from 150 to 200kgs.

Yellowfin tuna fishing
Autumn :

By the end of April and into May the warmer water is starting to recede and as it does and if the currents are right schools of good sized Yellowfin tuna may be encountered. It is also the time when the largest of each of the Game Fish species are most often caught. Trolling is the best approach at this time with the necessity being to cover as much ground as possible to locate the schools of bait and the associated predators.

Marlin fishing
Marlin magic…

May is a most difficult month to predict – the fishing is totally dependant on the ocean currents which at this time are even more fickle.
Almost anything from big Blue Marlin to schools of big Yellowfin tuna and Mahi Mahi, could be encountered.
As during March and April the largest of the species are most often caught in this changeover period.

Yellowfin Fishing Sydney
Yellowfin Fishing Sydney
Winter :

As the year progresses : June – July most of the tropical species have moved on.  There is still the chance of a Striped Marlin.  The Yellowfin and Albacore are at their best and cubing is the way to catch them. Co-incidentally the current has slowed and Gem fish have arrived at Browns on their spawning run.  Blue and Mako sharks also turn up feasting on the spawning Gem fish. This is an exciting time to go fishing. Their are not many sights more spectacular than watching 150 + kilo of Mako’s summersaulting 20 feet in the air and you he/she doesn’t land in your boat.

Bluefin fishing
130 kilo’s of East Coast Bluefin tuna…

At some time towards the end of July and into August we’ll might get a run of Bluefin tuna. These large tuna are migrating up the coast and average 70 to 80 kgs. with more than a few over 100kgs. When they arrive is totally unpredictable and when they are here are very hard to locate. The only answer is to be out there come hell or high water. The only thing you can be sure of with Bluefin is that by the time you hear they have arrived it is too late – they have been and gone…

Kingfish fishing
Dave and his King…
Spring :

September to mid-December are the changeover months when the cooler water is slowly giving way to the warmer currents it is a fickle time of year for fishing. Generally speaking jigging and live baiting for Kingfish is in full swing. Often we experience an early run of Striped Marlin which incidentally have been caught in every month of the year. Both Yellowfin tuna and Albacore will be offshore on the current edges and the sharks with them.

As  already stated the timing of these events conform to only one time table i.e. the meanderings of the E.A.C. Reading charts, fishing reports and listening to rumours are the best way to keep in touch with what is happening.

Or just call me.

Good luck and Tight lines…


Bureau of Meteorology
N.S.W. Bluelink

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