Ambition report 7th.December’16

I went out today planning to go have a shot at the Kings in close and on the inshore reefs but  that plan didn’t work too well as I couldn’t get any live bait and after losing a couple of jigs to Jackets at the 12 mile – just gave up . So it was off to try and find the warm water in the Southerly current which according to the charts was just inside Heatons . We hadn’t been trolling for more than about 15 minutes when there was a hit on one of the lures, Lumo Sprocket, of course immediately drawing everyone’s attention to the lure in question, but nothing until a few seconds later the rigger went off but still nothing showed though line was peeling off.

img_6010Whatever it was stayed deep leaving us to question what we had hooked. Guesses were everything from a Striped tuna to a spearfish or even a Wahoo though the run wasn’t nearly fast enough. Suddenly the fish just took off heading for the bottom bringing the possibility of a big Tuna into play.

Anyway it changed direction again and started coming up and then it jumped not 20 feet behind the boat, there was little doubt now about what it was since everyone on board excitedly yelled Marlin. It took a bit longer to subdue the fish because it was wrapped in the leader – we did eventually release a nice 70 kilo Striped Marlin.img_6009

After photo’s and congratulations we headed off again to find the current which to my surprise had moved in and was just over the shelf, the temperature jumping to 23.2 and the current increased to nearly 2 knots.

After zig zagging along the break for a while I found a float and as we trolled past it  a beautiful Dolly jumped on putting on a great show for us before succumbing to the gaff. There were lots of Dollies hanging under this float as well as lots of very small Kingfish but they just would not bite.

That was it for the day’s action – it had been a good day…

Tight lines,




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