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Welcome to Ambition Charters, here in Sydney winter has arrived. From mid-May until September is winter time. The warm waters of Summer have retreated and the nights are cooling. Although we have caught Striped Marlin right through winter it is not a targeted species. Tuna are becoming more evident with Marlin a bycatch while chasing the tuna. Mako and Blue sharks increase in numbers as they follow the Gemfish spawning run up the coast. If we are lucky we’ll get a run of Bluefin tuna and if we are even luckier they will come close enough to shore to get a shot at them.


The currents from the North have slowed and often, weatherwise, the  morning offshore Westerly breeze drops off and consequently we often enjoy beautiful calm afternoons and evenings resulting in ideal game fishing conditions on the offshore reefs.


A beautiful Winter Kingfish....
Another nice King…

Kings become more common on the inshore reefs along with Snapper. Further out on the offshore reefs  Blue Eye Trevalla lurk. Also as we proceed into July and August the Gemfish become the most sought after species and accompanying them  Mako and Blue Sharks.

Gemfish and Blue Eye

Winter Blue Eye from Browns
Winter Blue Eye…







Winter GemFish and Blue Eye
GemFish and Blue Eye

Unfortunately as Gemfish numbers increase so do Mako and Blue sharks. These sharks make it difficult to catch the Blue Eye and Gemfish often attacking the hooked fish before we can get them to the surface. However the sharks are good fun and Mako’s good to eat.

Tuna numbers both Albacore and Yellowfin numbers increase. We will catch Yellowfin up to 80Kgs.  and Albacore of  6 to 15 Kgs. whilst trolling during the day or cubing into the early hours of the evening.

Winter Albacore..
Winter Albacore..
Yellowfin to go...
Yellowfin tuna off Sydney





In early to mid-July and possibly into August we will experience a run of Bluefin Tuna.  It won’t last long so you have to keep your ear to the ground and keep track of where they are. In the past we have caught Bluefin in excess of 140kgs. they are therefore a much sought after gamefish and great to eat.

Bluefin tuna 132.5 kilo's
Bluefin tuna…







Also, to top it off there is always the chance of a Marlin. Striped Marlin are the most acrobatic and exciting of the Marlin species thus highly regarded and have been caught in every month of the year off Sydney.

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