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During the Summer months January, February and March come join us on Ambition at Port Stephens for lots of Game Fishing action. On the menu are Striped, Blue and Black Marlin as well as Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna.

After my annual stint at Port Stephens I head back South to Sydney.
Autumn is the best time to fish off Sydney for Marlin, especially the Blues some getting close to that thousand pound mark ( 454 kilo’s )and big Yellowfin tuna.

Sydney is now home during Winter and Spring which have their own appeal with the accent more on Tuna, Kingfish and Sharks.


Fishing Charters Sydney
Ambition in action

The Fishing on the East Coast of New South Wales is divided into fishing seasons which are similar to the seasons of the year. What happens offshore relates to these seasons and are dependant on the meanderings of the East Australia Current. The East Australia current, unlike other currents, is a series of giant eddies with smaller spin-off eddies. These spin-off eddies are fickle and move down the coast at their own rate affected by local weather as well as the vagueries of the larger ‘El Ninio’ and ‘La Nina’ cycles.

All fish have a comfort zone, an optimum temperature range particular to their biology. Obviously then you look for currents with a temperature optimal to the species you are chasing.  Edges where current meet are important too since they limit the movement of fish and even trap them.

On most SST charts the currents are quite apparent and give an idea of where to go fishing. What is not so apparent are the smaller spin-off eddies which trap the baitfish and their predators. The only way we Game Fishers can find the spin-offs is by getting out there and looking for these pots of gold.


Bureau of Meteorology
N.S.W. Bluelink

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