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Welcome to Ambition Game Fishing Charters Sydney where Spring gives promise of Summer’s arrival…

The offshore water start to warm up during October. However there are still winter species around.  It is a good time of year to target Yellowfin and Albacore. The Mako and Blue sharks are still around  Browns and wider. Blue Eye and Gemfish are still available but as the current increases it becomes more difficult to drop on Browns.

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A nice King…

Around the inshore and offshore reefs Kingfish are taking up residence. Jigging and live baiting the best way to catch them. Schools of smaller generally undersized Kings can be found close in to the rocks around the Heads and at various other Headlands

Mark's Mahi Mahi
The Bucket list Mahi Mahi…

By November the warmer water has  moved closer inshore and the first of the summer sharks turn up i.e. Hammer Heads, Tigers and Whalers just to make life more interesting. Slimey Mackerel and Striped tuna start appearing along the shelf attracting more of the pelagics. We will on occasion also find the bigger Yellowfin Tuna in the warmer currents.

Blue Marlin...
Jesper’s Blue Marlin…

The warmer currents continue to move in through December. Generally towards the end of December and usually around Christmas or Boxing Day the first of the Black Marlin show up. The Blacks are generally small fish but what they lack in size they make up for in numbers. Places like South West Rocks, Seal Rocks and Port Stephens are well known for their runs of baby Black Marlin.

What I have described is a very general overview of what to expected on the East Coast of New South Wales. As I have mentioned the currents are very fickle so finding the fish that travel in them is a matter of observation, perseverance and knowledge of what the currents are doing.

At Ambition, we offer fishing charters off Sydney and surrounding areas, such as Port Stephens. So contact us today to find out more.
Several weather sites report on the currents and are well worth looking at.


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The Fishing on the East Coast of New South Wales is divided into fishing seasons which are similar to the seasons of the year. What happens offshore relates to these seasons and are dependant on the meanderings of the East Australia Current. The East Australia current, unlike other currents, is a series of giant eddies with smaller spin-off eddies. These spin-off eddies are fickle and move down the coast at their own rate affected by local weather as well as the vagueries of the larger ‘El Ninio’ and ‘La Nina’ cycles.

All fish have a comfort zone, an optimum temperature range particular to their biology. Obviously then you look for currents with a temperature optimal to the species you are chasing.  Edges where current meet are important too since they limit the movement of fish and even trap them.

On most SST charts the currents are quite apparent and give an idea of where to go fishing. What is not so apparent are the smaller spin-off eddies which trap the baitfish and their predators. The only way we Game Fishers can find the spin-offs is by getting out there and looking for these pots of gold.


Bureau of Meteorology
N.S.W. Bluelink

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