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Port Stephens and Ambition Game Fishing Charters are synonymous during  the Summertime…come me join me from mid-January until mid-March up at the Port for some great Marlin action…


Game Fishing Charters
Ambition in action

The Fishing on the East Coast of New South Wales is divided into fishing seasons which are basically aligned with the seasons of the year. What happens offshore relates to these seasons and are dependant on the meanderings of the East Australia Current. The East Australia current unlike other currents is a series of giant eddies with smaller spin-off eddies. These spin-off eddies are fickle and move down the coast at their own rate  affected by local weather as well as the  vagueries of the larger ‘El Ninio’ and ‘La Nina’ cycles.

All fish are restricted to water within a  temperature range particular to them i.e. within their comfort zone. Baitfish and their predators migrate up and down the coast in these currents which on most SST charts are quite apparent and give us an idea of where to go fishing. What is not so apparent are the smaller spin-off eddies which trap the baitfish and their predators. The only way we Game Fishers can find the spin-offs is by getting out there and looking  for these pots of gold.


Bureau of Meteorology
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