Ambition report 28th. November’16

By all accounts the fishing wide of Sydney was a battle both with the seas and to find any fish. I didn’t hear of anyone finding the Albacore which were there last week or for that matter any tuna .

One item of interest is that because of the strange unseasonable lack of current there are still Blue Eye some Gemfish and the occasional Hapuka being taken off the Mountain.

300416_1It should be interesting offshore this week-end since it appears from the charts there is a ‘low’ sitting almost on top of the 12 Mile with the current increasing from the North as you go wider. This change in current has got to be good especially since there was a Wahoo taken off Port Stephens last week proving there is some good water out there; we’ve just got to convince it to come down here…

220516_2There was at least one Marlin taken last week-end and I believe it was the first for the Botany Club this season. Other than that the only bright light is the Kings and though there are lots of undersized ones on the inshore reefs there are also some very good fish being taken, 130 cm. or thereabouts is the biggest I’ve heard of with several over the metre.

The harbour is still full of bait and Kings, Salmon and Tailor are on their case, just look for the birds.

Tight lines,

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