Ambition report 4th. September’ 17

Well I think the only thing on most offshore anglers’ minds this week is whether or not  the Bluefin are still out there. It was totally unexpected that of all the tuna  Bluefin tuna would turn up on the week-end.

Deep sea fishing SydneyOn checking the SST’s and seeing that the current had dropped off and that there was a fairly strong Southerly current 35 to 40 miles out I thought Yellowfin might make a showing. It was a real surprise when ‘Phat Cat’ ( I think that was the boat ) called in with a six way hookup on Southern Blues and to his credit transmitting his position on the radio. I would be most surprised if most thought it was a hoax call as the usual radio idiots were out in force. However it didn’t take long to realise it wasn’t a hoax call and several boats headed out to the area where a couple of them got onto the fish. I unfortunately couldn’t get out there due to my group having to be back early.

Deep sea fishing Sydney can be a frustrating journey at times, but it’s all about the thrill of the chase!

The way the weather is shaping up this week it won’t be until Sunday when we might be able to get out wide and see if they’re still around. Whether they are or not there have been Albacore caught and rumours of Yellowfin showing up too, so here’s hoping.

Contact me for fishing trips Sydney. I’ll be out there…

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