Ambition report 11th. September’ 17

Well I guess those with their ears to the ground will know the answer to the question – is there still Bluefin Tuna Fishing  in Sydney?… to those who may not have heard the answer is a resounding YES ! how long they stay is anyone’s guess but you only have to look at the charts to see why they’re here.

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Help me…


My plan was to head out wide of Browns to where the current changed directions then troll North and find a likely area to cube into the evening. We were only a few miles East of Browns when we had a double hook-up one of which dropped off after a short time but still long enough to gave Rob a fight he will remember. By the way, we were running a Pakula skirt off each rigger, two minnows flat and a large bibless on the shot gun and both fish took the riggers, a ‘lumo’ and an ‘Illusion’.

Old Ronny still had his fish on and after a very long hour during which time I thought he might expire, got it boat side where it was finally gaffed. We didn’t hear much from Ronny for the rest of the day.

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Ronny struggling

We stayed out until dark cubing and managed to do some Albacore fishing but by this time the guys were  stuffed, most holding back seasickness from the joggling in the large sea all day as well as the fact that 8 kilo’s of Albacore didn’t seem worthwhile after 70 kilo’s of Bluefin Tuna Fishing – it actually went 71.5 kilo’s.

The run home was fabulous, a big long swell pushing us along nicely but I must admit it became a little disconcerting when every now and then all went dark and all the lights in the city disappeared.

Unfortunately on the run in one of my exhaust hoses burst and though it didn’t hamper our run back it meant I couldn’t fish today and my friends woke me up to the fact by ringing this morning to tell me how good it was out there…good friends!Port Stephens Game Fishing Charters

The bite continues…

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