Ambition report 27th. August’17

Yesterday was a good day the weather looking good and there was the prospect of tuna in the air.  The plan was to end up out wide and  do some cubing but first on the agenda was to catch some dinner.

game fishing SydneyWe started by trolling the cliffs to catch some fresh bait in the form of Bonito then have a few drifts on the Flathead grounds. All went to plan and before long we had some good Flatties in the esky and were off to Browns for some Gemmies.

Much to my surprise there were only a few boats at Browns but that’s a good thing. Anyway after a few drifts we had 6 good sized Gemmies on board then the bite just seemed to shut down. It was either that or they weren’t interested in anything but the fresh bait we had just run out fishing charter sydney

So it was off to the wide grounds to find a good patch of water and start cubing. At around five hundred fathoms I noticed some current lines full of Bluebottles with the occasional Mutton bird following the lines and Striped tuna surfacing occasionally probably chasing the small fish that hide amongst the Bluebottles – this was our spot.

game fishing SydneyWe started our drift at around 4pm. when after about an hour Mark had a hit but after a short fight lost it then a short time later Rob had the same thing happen. It went quiet for a while then out of nowhere this big shark cruised up to the boat. I still can’t say whether it was a Mako or a White. I guessed it to have been 300 to 400 kilo’s in weight. We never got to see its teeth to be certain of its identity but going by it colour I’d say it was a White.

shark fishingThe shark stayed with us for 15 to 20 minutes before disappearing to where ever it came from. I guess that was the cue because soon after it left we caught our first Alby and the action was on. It wasn’t a mad rush more an steady flow with all on board catching a fish or two with the occasional loss also.

It was pretty late by the time the action had all but stoped so with a nice mixture of Bonito, Flathead,  Gemmies and Albacore for the BBQ we packed up for the long run home which was going to be slow due to the number of Whales we’d seen earlier.whale watching tours

So with the hope of Yellowfin fishing by following the Albies

If you’d like to join us game fishing Sydney adventure, call Ivan today.

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