Ambition report 3rd. November’ 16

Well the work on Ambition is finally finished and to celebrate I took Whyu  and some of his friends from Global tackle out for a fish the weather being too good to waste.

021116_3It took a while but we caught some bait and headed out to try the inshore reefs where there were reported to be some good sized Kings being takenboth jigging and live baiting.021116_2

To cut it short we found them biting , in fact we had a four way hook-up at one stage, right at the bottom of the tide and caught nine fish and although we didn’t get one over the magic metre we didn’t get one under 92 cm. and they were all in good condition, solid heavy fish.021116_1

Interestingly all the Kings were caught on jigs, they took the livies alright but for some reason were very tentative in the take consequently no hook ups.

Havn’t heard much about fishing out wide but looking forward to getting out there this week-end…

Tight lines,


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