Ambition report 7th.Nov’ 16

With what looked to be a half reasonable day on Sunday with offshore wind in the morning turning onshore and easing in the afternoon I decided it was worth a shot and I really wanted to see what was happening out wide.

MV AmbitionWe headed out and as expected the wind started to come away.  Just then I started marking bait, at around 70 fathoms and I also heard ‘Gale Force’ had had two hits in that depth but further North, one that Mike confirmed was a Marlin the other uncertain.

We started trolling at the 12 mile and I was surprised that there wasn’t the indications of Kings that I’d see there last Wednesday.  We continued out and the water was getting cooler as the charts were showing, but there was supposed to be a break between Browns and Heatons so on we went. In the mean time the wind was increasing and around the shelf the swell really picked up from the SE and with the Westerly doing a good 20 knots created quite a steep sea.

It wasn’t until we were in about 1000 fathoms that the temperature started to rise again and the water colour cleared up with Mutton birds searching the area becoming more apparent. We continued on but again the temperature started to drop, most disheartening, so the decision was made to go back inside the shelf where ‘Gale Force’ had had the strikes.

By now the wind had shifted to the SSE so the troll back was quite comfortable. At 80 fathoms I found a mass of bait being savaged by Striped Tuna. With great expectations we followed the action for a considerable time then it just disappeared and we’d had enough – it was time to go home – we’d given it a good shot.

Frustratingly when I checked the SST charts at home I found we would have only had to go another three or four miles to find the break – that is if you believe in the accuracy of the charts…

Tight lines,

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