Ambition report 17th. October’ 16

Since Ambition is not ready yet I went out to sea on Saturday with Simon Fisher on his boat Shakara and it was good to be out there.

The day started out like a perfect summer day with a light North Westerly which we knew would turn into a howling North Easter in the afternoon. Consequently we went North to check out the temp breaks on each side of the warm water coming down at a rate of knots, 2.5 kn. to be more precise, from the North.

From about 60 fathoms to the break we found lots of bait, there were slimies on the surface as well as sauries and lots of deep bait with  Gannets both searching and diving on the schools. To say it looked good was an understatement but nothing showed up after working the area until well after the tide change.

We then worked our way out to the other side of the break which was in about 1,000 fathoms. There wasn’t as much bird activity but we did find a decent school of Stripies which appeared to be feeding on flying fish that were caught between a rock and a hard place with Stripies below and Mutton birds attacking from above  but again after working the area for a while nothing else turned up – it did look good though.

By then the wind was up from the North making for a comfortable run home.

Throughout the day we only heard of one missed strike and a lost Marlin from the boat Carnage so we didn’t feel so bad about our lack of success  but it was so good to be out at sea again…

Tight lines,

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