Ambition report 21st. November’16

What a beautiful day Sunday was it was a pleasure to be at sea. According to the charts there was a good patch of water North of Sydney and some interesting stuff East of Browns. After hearing about the amount of bait North it was decided to give the Marlin a shot  it was also this time last year we had a good run of Stripies in the same area, so off we went.160416_1

Out around 70 fathoms the water was that colour we look for and there was scattered bait and birds searching all through the area. Further out and with the temperature rising so was the bait until eventually it was on the surface and there was acres of it.

It didn’t take long before we had jigged up enough large Slimies for the day, had them rigged and were off skipping the baits around the schools, expectations were running high.

Over the radio we could hear boats down past the Southern canyons all chasing the Slimy schools and a couple of them had had hits I also believe that two had been tagged. There were a few boats trolling out wide catching Albacore –  in past years November was the month for Albacore and Yellowfin maybe, just maybe… 170716_1Some were fishing on the mountain getting the occasional Blue Eye and even Hapuka. In shore the Kings with some big ones amongst them are causing havoc and the harbour is still alive with Salmon and Tailor the Salmon being their usual frustrating  selves and difficult to catch.

Meanwhile we continued our trolling around the Slimies for no result but our expectation high. It was only when we turned for home and the schools had gone down that we had a strike. No one on board saw the fish, it took a good run but didn’t hook up. After pulling the bait in it was apparent it had been a Marlin, some small consolation but it had been a good day with good company…

I will be taking Ambition to Port Stephens in mid-January for three months so if Marlin are what you want join me up there. For any more experienced anglers I am still available for the Port Stephens Shoot-out, call or message me…

Tight lines,

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