Ambition report 14th. August’ 17

I returned from overseas just in time to fish the SGFC ‘Monster Mako Tournament’ which had been postponed from the previous weekend due to the weather.

The tournament was a success even though only sixteen boats fished. Somewhere around twenty five Mako’s were tagged along with a couple of Whalers and surprisingly a couple of Tiger sharks too, only one Mako was captured, a beautiful fish going 155.5 kilo’s.

Due to the weather and the apparent lack of anything around Sydney for the last little while most boats stayed in close looking for numbers of small fish to tag in the dead calm conditions. They weren’t too disappointed for even though the fish were fairly localised those who found them enjoyed good results. There was a fringe benefit for those chasing the small fish in that they enjoyed a good bycatch of Snapper, Flathead and other assorted bottom fish.

For those who went out wide it wasn’t so pleasant. Out near the shelf the current was raging and with the wind blowing 20 to 25 knots the sea was standing up consequently most uncomfortable.

I must admit I was only told about the conditions as I stayed in close catching Flathead. The only shark I found was a big Whaler which we lost after an hour’s fight. However, there was the occasional good sized fish found out wide where the winning Mako was taken.

From what I understand the fishing around here is still very poor and the weather not the kindest. There is the occasional Kingy and when the weather allows from what I’ve heard Browns is worth a shot but there are always those tasty Flathead and Snapper.

Tight lines,

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