Ambition report 17th. July’ 17

It is warming up off Sydney, or at least the water is the fishing is still very slow on the pelagic scene. The current out wide is speeding up if anything and getting warmer.

I tried to fish Browns on Friday but with 15 to 18 knots of North Westerly we were drifting at over 3 knots. We managed to reach the bottom and also to hook it, didn’t bother to try again so proceeded to troll out wide. The aim was to get to the other side of the 21.6 C current where it should be slower and have a shot at cubing. However with the wind continuing to build and no sign of decreasing temperature or birds or in fact any form of life I turned back towards the shelf. Just to frustrate us further as we approached the shelf we got a solid hit on the shot gun but no effing hook up.

I didn’t go out on Saturday but from what I’ve gathered the conditions were quite bad with the current pushing hard against a decent South Westerly wind.

Sunday looked really good weatherwise at least, so out we went again. First stop the 12 Mile where if you could get past the ‘Couta there were a few Snapper and Pinkies but it was hard going. Out at Browns the current appeared to have eased but reality was that the light South Wester was holding us up against the current however it was enough and we easily managed several good Gemmies and a couple of very tasty Deep Sea Perch. I still wonder how those boats with a single angler on board and up to three electrics are getting away with it.

We’d caught enough off the bottom so decided to have a shot at sharks. As the wind abated we started to drift South much more quickly and with the sun setting we were about to give it away when we had a hit. After a solid fight and lots of speculation as to what is was a rotten Blue dog surfaced, it had gotten down in the current and used its pectorals to advantage holding in the current…It was time to go home.

I know there are some out there who think I am the fishing jinx, well we have a chance to prove it. I will be overseas from the 24th. July until early August. If the fish do turn up while I am away I will gratefully accept donations to extend my holiday and maybe even plan more holidays..

Tight Lines,


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