Ambition report 19th September’17

The good news, well not news anymore, is that we have just experienced the best and longest lasting run of Bluefin Tuna in a very, very long time. The bad news, it is most probably over unless you have access to the South Coast to where the currents holding the tuna are retreating.

bluefin tuna fishing sydneyLast Friday and Saturday there was still a good bite around Sydney though the fish were still hard to find a few boats found the Bluefin and Albacore wide of Browns out around Heatons and down to the Southern canyons strangely there were even some Mahi Mahi caught with more than one boat encountering Marlin.

The water then was clear blue and around 18.5C but by Sunday the only clean water around Sydney was inside the 600 fathom line and South. A cold green water current had moved in and was only 17 to 17.5C, by Monday it was inside the 200 fathom line and the fish had moved on.  The Bluefin had moved South and were found between the Southern canyons and Stanwell Park. As the system moves on so will the fish – Bermi might even get another shot at them. This is one of those times when a trailer boat would come in handy.Tuna fishing Sydney

The hope is that as the cooler water is pushed South and the current changes to the North bringing some warmer water in we might get a run of Yellowfin, there have been a couple caught out wide – one lives in hope.

I might mention that all the temperatures I have quoted are from my temperature gauge. Not knowing how or if other gauges have been calibrated temperatures from other boats will vary.

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