Ambition report 10th. February’20

Port Stephens February’20

Port Stephens fishing has been very inconsistent over the last few weeks. So how this latest weather system will affect the area is anyone’s guess. One of  the old time greats of Game Fishing always said  the wet years are the good years. However with both drought and floods in the mix who knows what may happen, I remain optimistic.

As I mentioned the Port Stephens fishing has been very inconsistent.

Striped Marlin Port Stephens
Striped Marlin Port Stephens

The run of Blacks down the coast  has ben really hit and miss  and moving down the coast very quickly. A couple of weeks ago their was an amazing bite off Seal Rocks. Two days later they were gone and they turned up at one of the inshore reefs off Sydney. Before this weather set in there were good reports of the Blacks at Coffs Harbour and South West Rocks however after all the rain and resulting dirty water inshore  who knows where they might turn up.

Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi

Further offshore the water looks or looked really good, a beautiful blue and 25 to 26 C but  running South at around three knots. Consequently there was hardly any bait holding on the shelf. Those who did venture out  found the occasional Striped Marlin and surprisingly a few of the Blacks also, as well as more than one report of Blue Marlin.

Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi

I guess we won’t know what to expect until after the weather clears. I would like to speculate  on what we might find but I’m not game. One thing though is with all the flood water moving down the coast there will be lots of flotsam of which to be watchful. In the past I have seen everything from big trees to bloated cows.

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