Ambition report 27th.January’20

After reports of the Black Marlin at Coffs Harbour and South West Rocks  coming down the coast they have arrived. Port Stephens Blacks are here. Over the last week or so the currents have pushed further inshore . With the currents have come the Black Marlin and the occasional Striped too.

Those who got wind of the bite have had great results tagging multiple fish a day. But fishing being as fickle as it is who knows what tomorrow will bring. Reports are still coming in of Blacks at Coffs and South West Rocks so with luck we’ll have a bumper season ahead.

Stripy at the boat
Stripy at the boat

These Port Stephens Blacks are just in time for the tournament sesason.


Because of the conditions I went out wide on Saturday. There was  bait  early on just inside the shelf but only in patches. However, after working it for a while the bait disappeared. It became apparent that nothing was going to happen so I went out wide. I heard on the radio of Blue Marlin, Yellowfin and Mahi Mahi down off Lake Macquarie  so I thought it was a chance.

All was quiet but the water was getting bluer  and  bird activity was increasing.   At around 500 fathoms there were patches of birds working on something that was fast moving, I assumed they were Yellowfin. It took a bit of doing but we eventually got a hit. Sadly after a short fight it escaped. On checking the lure I am pretty sure it was a Yellowfin.


Sunday morning was not what the BOM forecast so we filled up with bait and headed  North. I put the lures in off Broughton Island and in minutes we had a Small Black having a go. Problem was it kept hitting the swivel so no luck.

We arrived at the Gibber only to find all my bait was  dead; pump failure. I persevered using skip baits  while looking for some more bait to jig up, and was eventually rewarded  with of all things a Striped Marlin.

So, a frustrating week-end all round but at least with promise of what is to come. Meanwhile it is Port Stephens Blacks.

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