Ambition report 17th. February’20

Port Stephens Shootout…

The  Port Stephens Shootout  went ahead quite successfully on the week-end in spite of  weather predictions of disastrous conditions.

Black Marlin at the boat
Black Marlin at the boat

Sadly it wasn’t  plain sailing for at least a couple of boats crossing the bar. The conditions on the bar at the entrance to the Port were not exactly favourable and a great degree of caution was required with the four to five meter swells rolling over the bar on the run-out tide.

However once past the bar, even with the swell it wasn’t too bad . The only problem was the very brown water which virtually made the inshore fishing a waste of time. Consequently most headed offshore.

Black Marlin at the boat
Triple header

The fleet was basically divided into those chasing Striped and Black Marlin on the shelf tagging and releasing  and those venturing further looking for the $200,000.00 money fish, a 258 kilo Blue Marlin.

Sadly the big one wasn’t found but several boats said they had lost a possible winner. The boat ‘The Cuban’ did find a Blue of 157 kilo’s  and took out the heaviest Marlin category.

The Shelf…

The water on the shelf  wasn’t fabulous. But  at the known spots bait was holding up  and lots of Marlin were caught by those dropping live baits into the schools and  trolling lures or live baits around the schools. Places like the ‘Car Park’ have came alive again after a couple of lean years.

Black Marlin at the boat
Black Marlin at the boat

Out wider there were quite a few Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin taken. Although they weren’t large fish ranging from 10 to 25 kilo’s they were potentially good food for big Blues.

On Saturday I opted to chase the big one  which we didn’t find  but Travelled a long way looking for the good water which we also didn’t find. What I did  find was a very, very brown current  but on the edge the water looked quite good. Consequently I trolled along the edge. There were a few birds  in the area  and the occasional patch of bait.  Then out of no where we had a strike , then another and another, a triple.  As it turned out we tagged a  Black Marlin and kept two 10 kilo Yellowfin  and that was it for the day.

Sunday was the perfect day, it was hard to believe that such a large ground swell could disappear so quickly. The guys bait fishing on the shelf, bombing the bait schools continued to have success and those chasing the big one tried in vain.  We ended up with a nice Mahi Mahi.

So while we didn’t end up in the money we had plenty to take home for the table.

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