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Ambition report 21st. March’ 16


It looked like the warm water had moved back in close last Saturday but it is very fickle with temperatures around 24 degrees at Seal Rocks last Thursday and back to 21 on Saturday.

While fishing the Gibber I did mark what appeared to be a couple of Marlin but with no takers it remains a matter of speculation, we did manage a couple of Snapper and a Trag as by catch though.

First off we went out wide stopping off at the FAD and managing one good Mahi Mahi before they went off the bite. It was a good to see that the current had eased and the temperature was up around 24 C, there. However, as we went wider the current increased dramatically and with it running South into the building Southerly wind and swell it was becoming quite nasty, at around 80 fathoms the decision was made to fish inshore where we ended up at the Gibber and the ‘V’ catching some nice bottom fish as mentioned but no Marlin.

Looking forward the weather is looking good over Easter, unusual as that may be and with the warm water still moving in we could expect another run in shore and if we keep our fingers crossed and the current eases along the shelf maybe even a late run of Stripies with the Blue Marlin always a possibility. I know it is a lot of ‘ifs’ but if you’re not optimistic you’d never go fishing.

Because of the weather and the potential for a late run I’ll be available up here at Port until after Easter so if anyone wants to give it a go give me a call or email me via my website…

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Ambition report 7th. December’ 15

The unseasonal run of Blue Marlin, jumbo sized Striped Marlin and Mahi Mahi continued over the last three days though the numbers decreased with each passing day.

Blue 041215_1Friday saw the most activity for those lucky enough to be out there. We managed a Blue of about 150kg. using my second favourite Pakula lure, the Blue Illusion, on the afternoon tide. Another few taken earlier in the day, one of around 200kg. was lost when it couldn’t be lifted after dying. The saving grace for John (Spanish Fly) was finding a large number of jumbo Mahi Mahi and landing several. These Mahi Mahi can turn up anywhere from the shelf to well beyond, a bit of a lucky dip.

Saturday saw more boats out but for fewer results since the waterBlue 041215_2 was changing, the good pool having moved further South. A couple of Blues were lost out wide and several Stripes were encountered from 75 fathoms out – at the same time there were fewer Mahi Mahi.

Sunday was even worse because of the expectations there were more boats out and the returns were few. One Blue was lost after two hours having died and was unable to be lifted, another estimated at 200kg. was lost at boat side after throwing the hook. A couple of Stripes were tagged and a few more were seen. I didn’t hear of any Mahi Mahi though there might have been some.

The unluckiest boat was CASEY – they were shark fishing and dropped a bait jig which loaded up and was then hit by a Marlin which was as you would expect, lost !

Until next time here’s a short video of the action…

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Ambition report 23rd. November’ 15

221115_2I went out on Sunday with a plan which is unusual for me since I generally let the conditions on the day govern my approach. But after looking at Saturday’s chart with a ‘Zero’ line close inshore and hearing from the local ‘bottom bouncers’ that the water was hot in close, almost lapping up to the cliffs I planned to look for Marlin in close.
However, on Sunday there was no hot water in close and the current was raging so it was off to look for the good stuff. The temperature and colour didn’t get appreciably better until into the 80 fathom area but we kept going. After the 300 fathoms the water cooled to less than 20 degrees with no appreciable life but I was going out.
In the 700 fathom area it started to warm again I and there were birds both searching and working but on something small which I couldn’t make out.
221115_1Anyway to cut a long story short I found a Long liner and he was setting so I spent some time in the area where there were groups of birds heavily working on baitfish being pushed up but because of the current they were moving by quickly. As I worked one of the groups we had a triple strike and I saw the ‘Shotgun’ explode and really scream off, unfortunately whatever it was straightened one of the hooks. One of the others fish just threw the hooks so we ended up with one out of three, a nice 38 kilo Yellowfin.
Through the day there were some nice Mahi Mahi taken one of which is a potential Junior record going 22 kilo’s on 15 kilo line. – a good effort.

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Port Stephens 2016…

Home Splash BlackPORT STEPHENS 2016

From mid-January I will taking Ambition and  chartering out of the beautiful Port Stephens,  an easy 2.5 hrs. drive  North of Sydney.

Port Stephens is arguably the best game fishing port in N.S.W. attracting large numbers of the three species of Marlin available in the Pacific as well as Spearfish, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Kingfish – all attracted by the large schools of baitfish in the area.

I am discounting charter fees for those confirmed by 1st. January 2016. To take advantage of this offer call me…

Phone : 0427 887707

Email  : webmaster@sgfc.com.au

Tight lines,