Ambition report 6th. August’18

It is Shark time off Sydney at present with Mako’s,  Blues and Whalers on the bite. On the  week-end  a  rare Thresher Shark was also caught and a couple of Whites were encountered.

A Beautiful Mako Shark...
A Beautiful Mako Shark…




Now that the Bluefin have moved on and the Yellowfin haven’t turned up Sharks have become the mainstay of game fishermen. These sharks are widespread, other than Blue sharks which are  rarely found inside the shelf all the others can be caught from close inshore out to as far as you want to go.

High Flying Mako Shark...
High Flying Mako…

Of all the available sharks Mako’s are the most spectacular. When hooked they make long, fast runs and they can jump. I have seen them reach up to at least four metres into the air; they are truly spectacular. Seeing a big Mako come out of the water rollover and come down head first is something not to be forgotten . Sadly as a result of these huge leaps more than a few unlucky anglers have ended up with a Mako in their boat.

A Mako Shark being tagged...
A Mako Shark being tagged…

One of the hot spots for Mako’s is Browns mountain where they congregate to feed on the Gemfish. Consequently because of the number of boats in close proximity also trying for the Gemmies and Blue Eye there is a real danger of having an uninvited guest drop in , literally.

As for the Yellowfin I’m still hearing of the occasional fish being caught but I guess it is just a waiting game.

In the meantime Kings are showing up on the inshore and offshore reefs but are being hit very hard by both professional and amateur fishermen. One has to wonder at how sustainable this resource is.

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