Ambition report 29th. October’18

November often sees an early run of the pelagics i.e.  Mahi Mahi and Marlin.  As the warmer water up North really starts pushing down the shelf it bring with it the first of these oceanic wanderers.

Mahi Mahi
A good eating Mahi Mahi…

However this October, after what has seemed the longest run of bad weather and bad timing as far as Charters goes, has come alive.  For those who could take advantage of a break in the weather last week the rewards were there. Don’t get me wrong you’ll still have to work for the results but at least we know it isn’t futile.

The last time I was out conditions looked good. I found blue water nearly 22 degrees with birds searching and small schools of bait down fifteen fathoms. It felt like it was going to happen. I noticed small tuna hitting the swivels on the bigger rigs so put out a feather jig and started catching Striped Tuna. So the bait is there.

Marlin doing it thing...
Marlin doing it thing…

For those who haven’t heard ; at Port Stephens Paul Leaming’s boat ‘Hoodlum’ tagged a good sized Blue Marlin and raised another. Off Broken Bay the Findlay’s boat ‘Murrifin’ also tagged a good sized Blue Marlin. It doesn’t end there. I have also heard of at least one big Mahi Mahi and another Spearfish.

I think the big question is will this season’s run of Marlin, especially the Blues, be as good as the last one ?

Though the current is pushing hard some of the boats bottom dropping are getting results, Blue Eye and Deep Sea Perch being the main catch.

I don’t know how the wider reefs are going for Kings. The last time I was out there was nothing but that changes daily. Closer in shore and in the harbour is where most of the Kingfish action is to be found.

In short, if Game Fishing is your thing the action is definitely on the up. But as is usual the weather is the enemy.

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