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Ambition report 18th. July’16

This strange mixed season fishing continues with Marlin, Spearfish and Mahi Mahi being caught in the same water as Albacore, Yellowfin and Bluefin for the lucky few. Kingfish are on the reefs as well as some good Snapper and Teraglin for those that know.

My week-end started on Friday which I thought would be a great day, the weather rough enough to keep the multitude off the water and the expectation of Bluefin and the Yellowfin we’d caught the previous week. And what happened – everyone had the same idea, every man and his dog was out there, c’est la vie. We ended up not catching anything but there were some good fish taken. Bob Curry on ‘Marquis’ had a double hook up on 70 + kilo Yellowfin, landing one. I saw a small boat hook a Striped Marlin which they later landed and I think a couple more were encountered as well as some Mahi Mahi of really good size, small Yellowfin turned up at the temp break South-East of Browns and some Bluefin turned up around the Southern Canyons and further  South.

fishing charters port macquarieSaturday was much the same but with more boats out and again captures of Marlin, Mahi Mahi, small Yellowfin and some larger ones. I think some Bluefin were taken but they were further South. I decided to go out wide and wide of Heatons I found a nice break which I followed for a while and ultimately was rewarded with a triple strike. One was definitely a tuna which we lost, another was a Spearfish which we caught and the other an unknown which dropped the hook on its first run which was a screamer.fishing trips sydney

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday except the main bite had moved even further South, down around 34’55, and some good fish, both Bluefin and Yellowfin were taken. I didn’t raise anything on the troll but started a cube trail in about 600 fathoms and at times was moving at 3.5 knots to the South. I was marking fish down deep but because of the speed of the drift the baits couldn’t get down to them, however we did manage a couple of Albacore on jigs. What I thought was strange was the number of Mutton birds flying around us and they wouldn’t settle on the water or try to eat our baits, usually they are a painful pest.deep sea fishing nelson bay

So that was the week-end. A strange one indeed I think there were more Marlin taken than any of the more expected fish for this time of year. I am sure there was more that happened and would be happy to hear of any other reports.

In early August the Sydney Game Fishing Club is hosting the annual ‘Geoff Woolley Monster Mako Tournament’ any anglers in an affiliated club are more than welcome to enter. With increasing Gemfish and Blue Eye numbers at Browns it won’t be long before the Mako’s and other sharks move in, probably when the current abates, so not long now…

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Ambition report 5th. July’ 16

After all rotten weather we’ve been having lately it was a pleasure to get offshore on Sunday even though it was cold it was calm.

We ended up having a great day starting on the inshore reefs jigging there were some nice Kings and even better no Jackets. The girls on board had a great time using electric jigging reels all they had to do was hang on, it was quite hysterical at times.fun fishing charter sydney

We then trolled out to the ‘Mountain’ , catching nothing on the way, were conditions were really good with very little current and we managed several Gemmies and three good sized Blue Eye then off to the deep blue looking for tuna.

I was looking for an area with a small temp break which I did find but it wasn’t anywhere near where the charts indicated. Anyway we started our trail and the first dropped jig brought up a 10kg. Albacore with the rest of the school closely following. In the meantime one of the girls was drifting a pilchard when it got hit and it became quickly apparent that it wasn’t an Albacore. Unfortunately after about half an hour and a trip around the boat the line crossed with one of the jig rod’s braid, the nylon being the loser. However we still had the Albies around providing the afternoon’s entertainment.

20160703_154714I went out again on Monday but the water had changed out wide with the break having been pushed in by the colder water – we caught nothing and to add to the frustration we had a school of Yellowfin come down our trail, leaping out of the water like torpedoes, and virtually under the boat without touching anything –  you have to wonder how two days can be so different. Even the inshore reef fishing was quieter but that was mostly because a couple of pro’s were drop lining.

On the bright side there have been a few caught on our Bluefin charters, still a bit far away for most of us but one weighed at the SGFC on Monday morning  went 125 kg., hopefully, they will get here soon.

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Ambition Report 5th. June’16

I went out again Sunday week ago hoping to succeed where we had missed out on that good ‘fin the previous time with the same crew who were ready and raring to go.

fishing charters AustraliaStarted out with a jig at 12 Mile with limited success but managing one nice King of a metre before the jackets moved in. The sea was up a bit despite weather reports to the contrary. However we ventured out to the spot and started cubing. All was quiet except for the occasional upchuck but then as the sun was setting one of the rods went off, it wasn’t a ‘fin but it had us guessing –  a Stripy, a shark or maybe even an Albacore – well after a short but solid fight Marty landed a Striped tuna of 8kgs. , thank God they don’t grow to the size of their bigger cousins.

The boys were getting tired and not feeling any better so were considering returning but I said give it another ten minutes. I hadn’t even finished speaking when first one rod then the other took off and the organised panic set in. Both fish were obviously Yellowfin and giving the anglers hell.

Well I hate reporting failure but we lost the first one when the line broke after the fish crossed lines. The other continued for another half hour when we had it circling just under the boat. I managed to take the leader – a good fish at least 45kgs. but it was still too strong and I didn’t want to take any risks. Ten minutes later the line broke and on inspection the leader had worn through just above the knot – so close, so bloody close.

I took the same group out again on Friday but to cut a long story short we didn’t even see a fish. The sea was perfect, dead calm all day some would say too calm and over 23 degrees, maybe too perfect. I heard of two Marlin taken around the shelf with one of the boats, ‘Tintola’ owned by Rick Camilleri , also taking a Wahoo – Wahoo in June who would believe it. The only good thing about the day was that we made it in before the weather went sour but even then we came back through a very intense but short lived thunder storm.

Hopefully this week’s intense weather will make a change, you’ve got to be optimistic.

Until next time…

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Offshore report 18th. April’ 16


Fishing off Sydney was as tough this week-end as it can be at this time of year. Most Game boats headed North to the Norah canyons area where the Blue Marlin bite had been during the previous week but as luck and Murphy would have it the water had cooled and the currents changed and though a few fish were encountered the expected bonanza did not occur. There weren’t too many fish taken but those caught were very good as portrayed by the results of the SGFC ‘Peter Goadby tournament’. The fishing was very typical of this time of year with quality fish rather than quantity.

Two Blue Marlin were taken one 171.5 kg the other 168 kg. as well as a monster Tiger shark weighing 479 kilo’s and a good Yellowfin just shy of 60 kilo’s. hopefully the start of their run also and surprisingly a Wahoo was taken a little further North. There were also several Striped Marlin tagged.

Browns was slow this week compared with last week-end with the Gemmies yet to start their annual migration.

The Kings are still there with quality of bait being the major factor in their capture as well as a bit of luck.

160416_1Attached are a couple of shots of a Striped Marlin we caught late on Saturday…



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Ambition report 5th. April’ 16

nelson bay fishing

Well after almost 3 months of very mixed fishing especially after the frustration of losing three weeks of prime time due to a blown engine my stay at Port Stephens has come to an end, as much as I love it up there it is good to be back on home territory.

It was a very mixed season starting with a brief run of Striped Marlin which was put to an early end by the strong and very hot Southerly current that has persisted right up until the last couple of weeks. However nothing is entirely without benefit and the current brought with it a huge run of small Black Marlin which stretched all along the East coast and I believe there is still the occasional one being caught. There were numbers of Wahoo, Spearfish and even the occasional Sail that I haven’t seen for ages – but the most amazing capture to me was of a tropical Barracuda caught by Gale Force on their way up to Port. I would love to hear about any other rare northern visitors to out waters.

coffs harbour fishing chartersThe numbers of Blue Marlin this year is just phenomenal I have never seen a run like it. There was the occasional big Blue, I mean over 200 kg., amongst them but the smaller fish probably averaging 130 to 150 kg. were just as explosive initially but a lot easier to handle with the benefit of being able to tag and release them.

Back here the Blues are still around though a little harder to find, I tagged one at Port before heading South and ‘Gale Force’ tagging two off Sydney on Saturday both around 150 kg. mark. The good news is the appearance of Striped Marlin with several being tagged and lost in the 80 fathom zone where there is a warmer current running – Micky Doyle from ‘Luna C’ having tagged two.

Sydney at this time of year is at its best, not necessarily with numbers of fish but their quality. In most seasons the biggest of species are caught at this time of year when the water is at its warmest. However with what has happened this whole summer who can say what will be. I personally would like to see the return of Yellowfin, there have been some schools sighted and a couple of good fish caught South of us so there is hope…

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Ambition report 1st. January’ 16

FacebookHappy New Year everyone and I don’t think I am remiss in saying that weatherwise thank God its over. I know we are supposed to be in an El Ninio phase and it is generally windier but enough is enough – bring in the windless New Year !

KingfishAnyway back to reality, though the Kings still reign off Sydney being found in numbers schooling around the harbour with Salmon amongst them, mostly undersize but for those that know there are some good ones to be found – good bait being the secret. Larger fish have turned up on the offshore reefs but they are sporadic.

040711_1Offshore Sydney the fishing remains patchy, the water being relatively cool for this time of year. But the occasional Stripy is turning up and some large ones at that, Warren Night of ‘Midnight’ tagged one of 130kg. plus after first calling it a Blue, a common occurence. Big Dollies are ranging about, Warren’s daughter taking a 17 kg. specimen in 15 kg. line for a potential Women’s record.

261014_1Though the fishing off Sydney is hard going at present Port Stephens is starting to happen, I don’t have exact details yet but I have heard reports of multiple taggings but I don’t know if they were Stripes or the inshore Blacks which are increasing in numbers along the coast and apparently going off at South West Rocks which augers well for the Interclub and points South in the coming weeks.

As I am sure you are aware AMBITION will be at PORT STEPHENS from next week and available for charter – reports to come.

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Ambition report 23rd. November’ 15

221115_2I went out on Sunday with a plan which is unusual for me since I generally let the conditions on the day govern my approach. But after looking at Saturday’s chart with a ‘Zero’ line close inshore and hearing from the local ‘bottom bouncers’ that the water was hot in close, almost lapping up to the cliffs I planned to look for Marlin in close.
However, on Sunday there was no hot water in close and the current was raging so it was off to look for the good stuff. The temperature and colour didn’t get appreciably better until into the 80 fathom area but we kept going. After the 300 fathoms the water cooled to less than 20 degrees with no appreciable life but I was going out.
In the 700 fathom area it started to warm again I and there were birds both searching and working but on something small which I couldn’t make out.
221115_1Anyway to cut a long story short I found a Long liner and he was setting so I spent some time in the area where there were groups of birds heavily working on baitfish being pushed up but because of the current they were moving by quickly. As I worked one of the groups we had a triple strike and I saw the ‘Shotgun’ explode and really scream off, unfortunately whatever it was straightened one of the hooks. One of the others fish just threw the hooks so we ended up with one out of three, a nice 38 kilo Yellowfin.
Through the day there were some nice Mahi Mahi taken one of which is a potential Junior record going 22 kilo’s on 15 kilo line. – a good effort.

Tight lines,

Ambition report 17th. November’ 15

KingfishWent out yesterday in glorious conditions, at last,  with the guys from Global Tackle to test some new gear the plan was to chase a few Kings then go out wide to see what was out there.

At the Peak there were plenty of fish showing on the sounder but we couldn’t entice them onto the deck either with live bait, squid or jigs.

We then went for a troll out to the FAD but nothing showed there, then out over the shelf where the current picked up and pushing into a Southerly breeze really lifted the sea. I didn’t even go to Browns as the couple of boats out there and wider indicated colder green water, possibly a result of the fresh pushing out after the stormy weather from the Northern and far North coast rivers. The radio especially during the week can be a great source of information unlike during the week-ends but we won’t go there.

At the 12 Mile a similar story to the Peak but after a lot of effort hooked a large fish, between losing rigs to Jackets, that beat the poor angler to the bottom on a jig then after what seemed like ages hooked another that went 94cm. but put up a fight like a much larger fish, guess that’s why we love our Kings.

There are good sized Kings being caught inshore on live squid and down-rigging and trolling along the cliffs is producing Salmon, Bonito and in places heaps of undersized Kings.

Tight lines,