Ambition report 13th. November’17

The offshore fishing for Billfish was not really exciting last week with few fish being encountered.  However I did hear of a Lake Macquarie boat losing a good sized Blue Marlin  around the Norah Canyons.

Blue Marlin fishing sydney
A Blue at the boat…

Off Sydney the water looked good and there was plenty of bait, especially inside the shelf.  I did find however that beyond about 300 fathoms and moving South the water went green and cooled a little.  All this indicating how fickle the currents still are and also very typical of November. Usually by mid-December the currents have stabalised and that’s also when the Blacks should start to turn up. In the mean time it is a day to day proposition. You put in the time you’ll find the fish.

Billfish fishing sydney

Of great interest, to me at least, was when on Sunday Pat Shaw and his father Mark found a dead Whale floating South of Browns. Pat, my regular deck hand, constantly told me how much he’d like to find one. He also told me about  the number and size of sharks and oddly Kingfish hanging around the Whale.  Strangely he couldn’t get them to take his baits because of the amount of burley in the water.  I only hope he got photo’s of the action.

The harbour at present is alive with pelagics mostly Tailor but  Salmon  and Bonito also, and there are good Kingfish amongst them too. Kingfish are also active inshore around the Heads and you can  catch them trolling live baits on down riggers or lead lines.  I don’t know about the offshore reefs but they could be worth a look.

So that’s it for this week…

Tight lines,


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