Ambition report 30th. January’19

The fishing clinics we held over the last week surprisingly produced small Black Marlin. Not the fish you normally expect in 500 fathoms.

The fishing at Port Stephens is really tough at present. Inshore the water is dirty green and cold.  However, there is good bait in close so hopefully when the warm water moves in the Black Marlin and the others will follow.

When you get out to 75 fathoms the water changes dramatically. The current increases from the North to nearly 4 knots and the colour changes to blue. I saw Mutton birds hunting flying fish. Occasionally you will see Mahi Mahi getting in on the action pushing the flying fish into the air so the Mutton birds could scoop them up as they landed.

It was while working these areas of activity that we raised three Black Marlin and a good sized Mahi Mahi during the Pakula Fishing clinics.

On the first clinic we found a Black of around 65 kilo’s which Samantha Guest, the only lady on board, fought well in quite rough seas. It took a Brad’J’ bullet on the shotgun,  surprise , surprise.

Samantha's first Marlin
Samantha’s first Marlin

On the second clinic young Ethan Moses caught a good sized MahMahi which he handled like a pro. We then had a hit from a Black which took a good run only to fall off the hooks shortly afterward.

Ethans Mahi Mahi
Ethans Mahi Mahi

Shortly after Sergio hooked up on what was one of the smallest Black Marlin I have seen. Sergio brought it to the boat fairly quickly and it went crazy. It charged the boat and looked like coming aboard for a second. Unfortunately in a combination of rough sea and crazy Black, the tag pole tangled with the leader and broke it, so was lost at the boat. The video shows the scenario very well.

In summary we raised three Black Marlin and a Dollie which I thought was pretty good in the conditions.  Another local boat ‘SECA’ caught a 60 plus kilo Yellowfin and I did hear of a Wahoo capture.

We did OK…

Tight lines,


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