Ambition report 7th. February’ 17

Though the Blacks are here, in close at Port Stephens, they are proving difficult to locate and even more difficult to coax onto the hook, at least for the majority of us. Perseverance is one of the keys to success but there are a few skippers who have the system wired, catching fish regularly while most of us struggle.

So after a couple of days chasing the small Blacks from the Gibber to Anna Bay the frustration overtook me and I went out wide. I was told the water was dirty and hot, up to 28 degrees and running hard to the South but I wanted to see for myself.snapshot_5

At about 75 fathoms after the water had gone through several shades of colour from green to Blue-green  it started to clear up and went the colour we love to see. I put the gear in at 8o fathoms in 26 degrees and headed East. Over the edge there must have been a different current running because the sea really picked up becoming short and steep much to the dislike of the clients.

Bird life was increasing and flying fish were everywhere as we continued out, the temperature now 27 degrees, then as I had been anxiously anticipating we had a crashing strike on the shot gun – its amazing how quickly sea sickness can be cured, at least temporarily. After a typical Blue Marlin fight we had it boat side and released a 130 kg fish.snapshot_3

The boys were happy, the seasickness came back and it was time to go home…

Tight lines,

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