Ambition report 30th. January’ 17

The good news is that the Black Marlin have moved into Port Stephens and some much bigger than the 30 to 40 kilo models you’d normally expect, the bad news is they are here one day and gone the next. Well maybe not quite gone but they do require a bit of searching and a lot of perseverance to catch them, it pays to keep your ear to the ground.

Marlin1803_1Over the week-end one boat,  ‘Calypso’, tagged 6 out of seven another couple of boats got three’s and most boats at least came into contact with them. There is no point saying where the fish were caught since I don’t think they were found in the same place two days in a row but they were anywhere from Seal Rocks down to past the lighthouse. Also, they are definitely only biting half heartedly thus hard to get a solid hook up – some would say the green toads might have something to do with it.

Out wide the water is still green, very warm and running down the coast at over 3 knots which is not really conducive to the building of bait schools at places like the ‘Car Park’. I dare say that if you ventured way out wide and found the blue water you could run into a Blue or two.

However being the eternally optimistic fisherman this will change ; when is another question, until then…

Tight lines,


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