Ambition report 5th. June’17

I didn’t get out this week-end, mostly because of the weather but also because of a bit of a hangover after big, well not so big anymore, Phillip Webster and his sister Vicki Webster threw an impromptu party on Lady Audrey to view ‘Vivid’ from the harbour. Since all the invitees were Game Fisher people I feel he had ulterior motives i.e. to stop us going out on Sunday.

I don’t know how he did it, sneaking off early to bed should have been the clue, but as you can see from the post below they took Little Audrey out planning to catch a Broadbill and succeeded.

In doing so they have won the ‘Ken Stewart Trophy’ for heaviest Broadbill. This trophy since its inception and I can’t remember just when that was but I suspect going back to 1953, has only been won once before a couple of years ago with a Broadbill of 26kgs on line.

Congratulations to Phil and his skipper Dan Carlson on a great effort, their fish going 80kgs. on 37kg. – they put in the effort and got the result….

Otherwise I didn’t hear of much to report so if anyone knows of anything I would be happy to hear about it.

Glen Wright owner of ‘Tantrum’ went out on Friday in very rough conditions and tagged a Striped Marlin they called at 100kg. and were attacked by some good sized Yellowfin but unfortunately were unable to stay connected. Bad luck for them but it is good to hear they are around.

Tight lines,

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