Ambition report 28th. May ’17

It is very difficult to write a report when there is very little happening, at least on the Game Fishing front.
The week-end before last during the Broken Bay tournament the fishing on Saturday was very, very slow but surprisingly on the Sunday the fishing turned around with several Striped Marlin tagged and a lot more lost. Nearly all the Marlin were encountered in a relatively small area around and North of the ‘Bait Station’ where there was a lot of bait reported but there was a lot of bait where I and a couple of other boats were fishing further South with not a sign of any Marlin, very fickle fishing.
Last week-end there were few boats out the water temp was down from the previous week-end so I was more hopeful that the Yellowfin might turn up. The only Marlin I heard of was from ‘Carnage’ with Jamie catching a Striped in between Shark fishing drifts. I believe a couple of Mako’s were taken also.
I fished Browns for a catch of Deepsea Perch and a couple of small Gemmies before heading out wide to do an evening cube. On the way out we saw lots of Sauries showering, obviously being chased by something but whatever they were they didn’t turn up in our cube trail.
I’m still hopeful the ‘fin will show up but I think there is going to have to be a major change in the currents…
Tight lines,

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