Ambition report 5th. July’ 16

After all rotten weather we’ve been having lately it was a pleasure to get offshore on Sunday even though it was cold it was calm.

We ended up having a great day starting on the inshore reefs jigging there were some nice Kings and even better no Jackets. The girls on board had a great time using electric jigging reels all they had to do was hang on, it was quite hysterical at fishing charter sydney

We then trolled out to the ‘Mountain’ , catching nothing on the way, were conditions were really good with very little current and we managed several Gemmies and three good sized Blue Eye then off to the deep blue looking for tuna.

I was looking for an area with a small temp break which I did find but it wasn’t anywhere near where the charts indicated. Anyway we started our trail and the first dropped jig brought up a 10kg. Albacore with the rest of the school closely following. In the meantime one of the girls was drifting a pilchard when it got hit and it became quickly apparent that it wasn’t an Albacore. Unfortunately after about half an hour and a trip around the boat the line crossed with one of the jig rod’s braid, the nylon being the loser. However we still had the Albies around providing the afternoon’s entertainment.

20160703_154714I went out again on Monday but the water had changed out wide with the break having been pushed in by the colder water – we caught nothing and to add to the frustration we had a school of Yellowfin come down our trail, leaping out of the water like torpedoes, and virtually under the boat without touching anything –  you have to wonder how two days can be so different. Even the inshore reef fishing was quieter but that was mostly because a couple of pro’s were drop lining.

On the bright side there have been a few caught on our Bluefin charters, still a bit far away for most of us but one weighed at the SGFC on Monday morning  went 125 kg., hopefully, they will get here soon.

Tight lines,

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