Ambition report 19th. June ’16

Reports before this weather set in are encouraging with some good sized Yellowfin being encountered out wide, in fact very wide. I hope the BOM has its forecasts wrong because it looks like it will be a while before we can get out there again and with Bluefin time drawing near we don’t need bad weather.Yellowfin2-Web

Closer in shore at Browns where the current has been raging the Gemmies are increasing in both size and numbers with the occasional Blue Eye, Perch and Ribbon fish beating them to baits.

KingfishIn even closer to shore on the reefs there are Kings on both Jigs and live bait or fresh squid with some good Snapper, as you would expect after the storms last week, for those in the know.

This is not a very inspiring report I know but I’ve been shore bound for a week with a leaking fuel tank so in a way I’m grateful for the bad weather but we’ll be back at sea by the week-end, just hoping against hope that the weather clears up.

Tight lines,

P.S. – And don’t forget the Sydney Game Fishing Club’s ‘Tuna Slam’ where  the Heaviest Bluefin and the Heaviest Yellowfin will win a big CASH prizes…

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