Ambition report 2nd. December’19

That elusive Marlin.

At this time of year the  keen Game Fisher people are out looking for the first Marlin of the season. In most clubs this is a much contested trophy with a great degree of kudos and boasting rights  to the winner.


With that in mind and seeing that the water was warming up I and a four  other members of SGFC  went out hunting. On the way we had a look at the 12 Mile but it was loaded with Jackets and after losing two rigs we were off. Out went the lures and the hunting began. It was pretty lumpy going for a while  and I lost sight of a couple of crew members for a while, sleeping they said.


There was no apparent bait or birds working around the shelf so we moved on, working our way out. It wasn’t until near the thousand fathom line that we saw any  life.

A couple of Sunfish showed up near a temperature break in a thousand fathoms and I saw a school of what I thought were Striped Tuna. There was life here so I worked the break and was eventually rewarded with a crashing strike on the short corner. The fish took such a long first run I thought at first we might have found our Marlin. However the fish never jumped but it did stay near the surface . It must have taken two hundred meters on that first run and poor Rob had to work really hard to get it back. When we did eventually see  it was a Yellowfin we were a little surpised. It never went deep and never did that gut wrenching  circling.


So even though that elusive Marlin eluded us we did have a good 40 kilo’s of Yellowfin to satisfy our needs. At least until we get out again to chase that elusive first Marlin.

Tight lines,


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Keogh’s Marine Electronics
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