Ambition report 10th.December,19

Sydney Marlin continue to be a frustration. There was and I think still is a good bite up at Port Stephens  which continued down to the Norah canyons  and hasn’t yet  made it to Sydney waters yet.

Summertime Marlin...
Marlin !!!







The ‘Car Park’ at Port Stephens turned it on  over the last week or so. Striped Marlin putting on a good show for those able to get there.  The bite continued South as far as the Norah Canyons  but there  the currents moved offshore taking the Marlin out with it.

Off Sydney there have been a few encounters with the Stripies  but not many solid hookups,  Striped Marlin being as frustrating as they can be. Interestingly there are still  schools of Yellowfin moving around temperature breaks in the 500 fathom area. The Tuna are hard to find but it really is a matter of putting the time in, keeping you eyes open and look for birds and the temperature breaks.

Looking at the latest charts it appears the 23 degree current has moved inshore and is eddying back into striking distance.

So let’s hope it is bringing those Stripies down to us  poor Sydney fishers.

Tight lines,

P.S.: I’ll be available at Port Stephens from 20th.January’20  until 18th.March’20. So for a guaranteed  Game Fishing experience come and join me.


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