Ambition report 25th. January’ 16

MV AmbitionBecause of my ‘blown’ engine and with a couple of weeks to fill in I went out on ‘Gale Force’ and fished the Bill Heyward Memorial tournament over last week-end:  that is some boat.

To say I was glad to be on a plus 50 footer would be an Striped Marlinunderstatement as on Saturday the seas were scary verging on frightening and the weather atrocious. Sunday was a turn around with calming seas which by afternoon were dead flat.

Out from Long Reef there was and still is a good bite happening with average sized Stripies being hooked regularly but as usual hard to keep on the hook, basically if you could find bait there were fish there, persistence being the key.  Among the Marlin there are some good Dollies and even a couple of Yellowfin were in the mix, closer in shore small Blacks were encountered  – it doesn’t get much better than this off Sydney.

Here’s to hoping it continues for a while yet…

Tight lines,


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