Ambition report 1st. February’16

MV AmbitionWell as my new engine gets closer, hopefully within the next week or ten days I sit in frustration hearing about the good bite which appears to be happening all along the coast.
Blacks being found inshore, I have heard even close than the artificial reef off Sydney and close in off Long Reef as well as the inshore reefs off Port Stephens. There are Stripes, the occasional Blue and good sized Mahi Mahi further offshore though they are a bit harder to locate unless you are on the South coast.
The water out wide off Port Stephens is still very hot around the 28 to 29 C and as you would expect other than some flying fish not much else in it . It seems strange that in an El Ninio year the water is so hot.
Kingfish are still making their presence felt and downrigging seeming the way to go.
As I sit here writing, hearing the reports and looking at the good weather the salt water in my veins is slowly diluting I’ve got to get another fix real soon…
Tight lines,

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