Ambition report 8th.August’19

Sydney doldrums is certainly  the best way to describe the Game Fishing off Sydney over the last couple of weeks. That is certainly not to say there haven’t been occasional catches  of Yellowfin, just enough to tempt you out .  However here it has been a hard slog. Especially when you keep hearing about what is going on both North and South of us .

Big Yellowfin  and numbers of them seem to have taken up residence off Jervis Bay. The same can be said of Port Stephens and Norah Heads to the North.

Unfortunately, we poor soles without the mobility of trailer boats have had to cover an awful lot of water just to have a chance at finding the occasional school  of Yellowfin as they pass through.  Furthermore over the last week or so  there has been an increase in these numbers  but it is still hard going. Hopefully after this next bout of weather moves through it will all change…can’t help the optimism.

Bob Curry from his boat  ‘Marquis’ was one of the lucky ones to find some action . They picked up a fortyish kilo Yellowfin on a blind strike.   Apparently after an incident filled fight, which I won’t go into,  somewhere on the Southern canyons they boated the fish. There have been other captures, enough to  tease,   as a result and as I have said you have to cover a lot of water.

Marquis' Yellowfin
Marquis’ Yellowfin






There have been a few Marlin encountered as often happens at this time of year.  But, most noteworthy and even stranger  are the numbers of Mahi Mahi  showing up. Several of the boats out Shark fishing have seen them schooled under their boats. Sadly  they have proved to be difficult to tempt onto a hook.

Consequently, I for one am waiting for this next bout of weather to pass on to find out what has changed.

The big question is , where are the Bluefin ?


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