Ambition report 14th. January’18

Black Marlin were the name of the game last week. They certainly went off with a bang when several boats managed to intercept a run of  the Blacks on the Northern reefs.


A nice little Striped...The Black Marlin turned up last week and amongst the smaller fish were some in the 90 kg. range. Those who fished light got more than they bargained for when they hooked one of those. The fish turned up on the Northern reefs where the bait, Slimies and big Yellowtail, had congregated. Trolling with live or skipped baits has taken most of the Blacks but don’t overlook lures they work too.

Sunday was a wipeout weatherwise but those who went out on Saturday expecting the bite to continue were unlucky. A few Blacks were seen but in general they had either moved on or just weren’t biting. With this current weather pattern calling a halt to fishing for the next couple of days there are a lot of frustrated fishermen champing at the bit.

Mahi Mahi a bycatch of fishing for Black Marlin...
Mahi Mahi…

Wider out Striped Marlin are still appearing  along with the occasional Blue. Good sized Mahi Mahi are still around. Strangely they are still not congregating around the traps and FAD’s yet.


I havn’t made it to Port Stephens yet due to a broken fuel line. I’ll be on my way soon though as I have completed the repairs…

Tight Lines,


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