Ambition report 9th. May’17

Yesterday was a good day at least compared with Saturday when I was last out.

On Saturday there were several club boats out and I am pretty sure all saw or had hits from Marlin but only one was tagged. And on what should have been a pleasant day out at sea in fine weather turned into a day of frustration with a new breed of idiot making their presence felt on the radio, these guys even made ‘Wing-nut’ look good and that’s saying something.

Yesterday was the opposite the weather wasn’t quite so good but I think I was the only boat out and it was a pleasure to be out in good company on a good day. If my clients from America had heard the goings on from Saturday heaven knows what they would have thought about Australian fishermen.

My plan was to go out wide were the charts were showing  a decent temperature break and look for Yellowfin. I did spend some time around ninety fathoms where there was huge amounts of bait but after an hour without any action continued out.

I finally found the break in a thousand fathoms and started to work my way down criss-crossing the break. It was looking good with the occasional flying fish as well as the occasional shower of Sauries taking off. There had to be Yellowfin around and when we did get a strike which was in the sun’s glare so I couldn’t see it I was sure it was a ‘fin. But then out of the glare a good sized Stripy appeared tearing up the ocean grey hounding away much to the excitement of John and his friends.

After a good fight we had the fish boat side and after taking photo’s released it unharmed. We hadn’t even set up the lines properly when we had another hit and another Stripy, a bit smaller than the previous one, took to after air and after a good fight was successfully released.

Well that was it for the day I turned Ambition for home – a good day indeed, two Marlin in one day in mid-May.

Tight lines,

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