Ambition report 9th.April’18

Whilst there were Marlin, Yellowfin and some big Mahi Mahi caught over the week-end it was pretty slow going considering the number of boats fishing.

Mahi Mahi
A good eating Mahi Mahi…

The water looked great, good temperature the right colour and current lines all over the place. I marked several fish but could not induce them to bite.

There was a reasonably bite inshore South of Botany with quite a few Blacks being taken so that was the place to be. The reefs there held plenty of bait and that’s what you need. Still all in all very late in the season for Black in close…strange season!

Blue Marlin...
Blue Marlin…

The guys bottom fishing Browns have had better luck with ideal conditions during the past week. Small Gemmies, Deep Sea Perch and Blue Eye were all on the menu. As a result of successful prosecutions ,I have heard that Fisheries with the help of the police have and will continue to check on the boats at Browns. Also checking when they return to their home ports. This has to be good news as I am sure we have all seen and know of particular boats openly disregarding the bag limits.

Winter GemFish and Blue Eye
GemFish and Blue Eye

I think once the offshore currents turn around the fishing will improve, also I’m going down to Tasmania for just over a week so that might help too…

Tight Lines,


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