Ambition Report 8th. March’16

Probably not the report a Charter Boat Skipper should write but I must admit the four days fishing of the Interclub were the most frustrating days and disappointing days  I have fished in many a year.110115_1

I would like to say there were few fish to be found for though the first week-end as tough fishing in the most uncomfortable conditions on Saturday, there were still good results for those who persevered.  All I could manage was a very healthy Mahi Mahi which was tagged, much to the disdain of my crew, and to watch several fish taken on boats nearby.

During the mid-week a bite developed wide of the shelf and continued into the second  week-end with Yellowfin tuna, Spearfish, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and Blue Marlin being taken. The Blue Marlin were particularly  numerous, in fact the best bite in years. However again all I could manage was another Mahi Mahi which under threat of mutiny I didn’t tag this time.  Again and most frustratingly I watched fish after fish being caught where I was going, where I had just been and even alongside – if I could have pulled my hair out I would have !

The interesting thing about the Blue Marlin bite is the number of fish lost.  Generally a Blue hits a lure and is hooked and the fight is on but these were biting more like Striped Marlin and
mishitting lures or being lost shortly into the fight. It could have something to do with their size these ones being generally smaller than our usual run of Blues, not to say there aren’t some bruisers amongst them.

Well here’s hoping the bite is continuing this week and I can get my timing right.

Tight Lines,

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