Ambition report 7th. May’18


The Groups Yellowfin
The Groups Yellowfin

Yellowfin tuna and big ones too are off Sydney at present. I haven’t caught one weighing less than 60 kgs. in the last few weeks yet, with a few going over 70 kilo’s. How long this will last, who only knows.

I went out on both Saturday and Sunday and the fishing was quite different on both days. My plan on Saturday was  to work my way out to Heatons looking

Mikko's Yellowfin
Mikko’s Yellowfin

for the Tuna. As luck would have it we started to see small groups of ‘fin busting up from 600 fathoms out. The problem was they weren’t staying up long enough for us to get the lures near them. It turned into a rather frustrating day chasing tuna all over the ocean. There were however a few tuna caught late in the day. Throughout the day a few boats ran into Blue an Striped Marlin also, these were found closer inshore around the 500 fathom line.

On Sunday I took Wahyu and his friends from Global Tackle out. It was a different day in that there were more fin showing. The bust ups lasted a lot longertoo so we had plenty of time to get to them. We just had to get there before the other boats. As is common with most schooling fish and especially with Yellowfin, too much boat traffic spooks them and disrupts the bait killing the action.


We managed three fin upward of 65kilo’s. The first was a blind strike in 600 fathoms. The next two were on a double strike which is always fun with Yellowfin. The last thing you want is two fish circling under the boat. If this happens the probability is that you’ll lose one if not both fish. We held one fish off while working hard on the other consequently catching both. We did lose another fish when as we were about to gaff it the hooks let go.

Peters Yellowfin
Peters Yellowfin

By mid-afternoon lots of boats had found the Yellowfin and were racing around trying to get to the schools before they went down. We were done, the activity was slowing so we headed for home with a very happy and tired crew.




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