Ambition report 6th. March’17

The fishing here at Port has changed again. The hot water offshore has moved South with a couple of boats out of Lake Macquarie getting amongst the Blues and a Spearfish or two. Here though the cooler water and reduced current is allowing the bait to congregate on the shelf at the usual spots where a few Marlin were taken.

I fished out wide on Saturday and saw nothing, I was too far North.

Sunday saw me fishing in close on the inshore reefs for the Blacks which are increasing in numbers. Ivideo  spent some time South of the light and worked my way North. By the time I reached Broughton most of the action was over but I did manage a nice Black for Dani and her husband whose name I have forgotten.

Below is a short video taken by Dani on her phone of a very acrobatic Black…

Tight Lines,

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