Ambition report 5th. September’16

I went out the last two days looking for those elusive Yellowfin. I found a couple on Sunday though they were only 10 kg. jobs; but we did have a little excitement.
We had a crashing strike on my favourite Lumo Sprocket and whatever is was took off and all but spooled us, us being me and Pat my decky. The fish didn’t jump or show itself in any way just kept on taking line. So after the first hour I gave up the idea it was a big Tuna and not likely to be a Marlin so had pretty well settled on a shark. Half way through the second hour I could see the Lumo and from the way it was moving deduced we had tail wrapped a shark. Anyway we plugged on, by this time Pat was pretty well knackered since he had been at sunset for the last half hour but at least we were making headway. Finally the fish was close enough but because of the glare and the rough sea we still couldn’t make out what it was. I managed to manoeuvre the boat around to get a better look and discovered it was not tail wrapped but hooked near the tail when suddenly it just lit up – it was a Marlin and a good sized one too. I still couldn’t say if it was a Striped or a Blue however the answer became academic since the leader finally gave up and the Marlin was free and with my favourite Lumo no less. I don’t believe it was a Blue mostly because the first run was not that mad greyhounding rush that Blues make.
Monday was a much nicer day weatherwise than Sunday had been but the fishing was much slower. There were a couple of decent ‘fin taken and a few jelly beans too but they were encountered anywhere from 270 to 1200 fathoms. We covered a lot of ground in what looked like good water and never raised a scale. I ended up salvaging the day with some nice Albacore after finding an interesting looking area for an evening of cubing.
For the next three weeks Ambition is going on the hard for some much needed maintenance work and obviously won’t be available for charter until early October, and I’m off to America so I dare say the fishing will improve.
Tight lines,

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