Ambition report 4th. December’17

No game fish  report today due to the weather.

Blue Marlin...
A great Blue Marlin – the ultimate game fish

If it hasn’t been raining and windy it has just been too windy to get out there.

It does look promising though as the water continues to warm and the currents move in. It looks especially good up around Port Stephens at present.

Just a reminder, I will be available at Port Stephens from the 15th. January until 13th. March 2018  so if you’re keen to catch a  Marlin  in particularly call or email me.

Ambition Game hunting for game fish...
Ambition Game hunting game fish…

Unusually I have a couple of vacant spots on the 28th. December for a Game Fishing charter. Anyone interested in joining give me a call or email.

Tight lines,

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