Ambition report 30th. Sept’19

Unseasonal seems to be the catch cry at present. Even though the water temperature is  quite normal for this time of year  there have been species off Sydney that normally aren’t seen until the summer currents  come in.

Though we do often see a run of bigger Mahi Mahi in November a few have turned up  over the last couple of months in cold water. On Friday John Sartori in his new boat caught a good sized Spearfish  that he estimated at 40kgs. and yesterday both Rob Curry and we on Ambition both hooked Spearfish also.  Spearfish normally show up in the warmest water with Blue Marlin not in 19 degrees. Over winter a couple of Tiger sharks turned up . Whereas the normal run of Mako’s and Blue sharks didn’t eventuate  nor did the  much anticipated run of Bluefin.

We went out on Saturday in less than favourable conditions but it was forecast to abate . Also I know how Yellowfin like rough water. It was getting rough past the 12 mile so we put out the lures in anticipation.   All was going well until we reached the current, a Southerly current of at least 2knots and  the sea really stood up. The plan was to work down the edge of the current staying outside the rough water until I was South of Browns then to work out wider with the following sea.  Well the best made plans of mice and men, what was supposed to abate went the other way and the wind was doing a steady 25 knots.

The new plan was to run in, catch some live bait and hopefully a King. This plan worked until it came to catching a King and after a fruitless hour or two we gave up and returned to the club. The funny thing was that after the clients left, Rob my deckhand decided to put out one of the livies while we cleaned up. As luck would have it he ended up the a 70cm King.

Sunday was the opposite of Saturday, calm seas and a light breeze, hard to believe it was the same ocean. Without going into to much detail we trolled out to the thousand fathom line then worked North. We saw lots of Whales and Dolphins but little else. The radio however was really annoying. Yellowfin everywhere were the constant calls which would have been great  but they where all off Kiama, I had to turn the radio off.

I picked up a boat in the distance which looked like a long liner so headed towards it.  To cut a long story short as we approached  the boat we had a strike on the short corner. At first it looked like a Marlin doing its window wiper  imitation.  However as it settled down I could see it was much too small for a Marlin and was in fact a Spearfish.

So, that was the weekend two totally different days but both frustrating.

Tight lines,

P.S.  – I will be in Port Stephens from mid-January until mid-March and am taking bookings now…


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