Ambition report 28th.March’18

Yellowfin Tuna...
Yellowfin Tuna…

An interesting day out yesterday. After the frustration of having to come home early on Sunday when there was a pretty good bite going on with Blue Marlin and Yellowfin on the menu, I was keen to get amongst the action.As soon as we left the Heads it was plain to see something had changed, the water in close had warmed and around the 12 Mile it started to cool and have a greenish tinge. The conditions didn’t vary much at all even well past Browns.

I stared moving South to where the bite had been on Sunday. Though the water was still only about 22.5 C and with that greenish tinge there was bait and lots of it down between 30 to 50 fathoms. With so much bait evident it was only a matter of time before the predators turned up.

Yellowfin Tuna...
Yellowfin Tuna…

In about a thousand fathoms I saw a Long Liner laying his lines, this had to be a good sign. I followed the line for a fair while but the bait had thinned. Consequently I moved in closer to stay with the bait and hope the predators would find it.

Birds started to appear in increasing numbers and anticipation was palpable. In the distance I could see Mutton birds circling and dipping into the water over a small area. We’d found a bait ball on the surface and as we approached the ‘fin charged through it. I maneuvered Ambition to pass the lures through the bait.  As the lure passed two lures took hits but didn’t hook up. Only a second later the rigger with Brad ‘J’ screamed off and we were on.

After nearly an hour we had the fish on board, photo’s were taken and it was time to recuperate. Terry and Nick who’s biggest ‘fin to date was around 30 kilo’s couldn’t believe how hard the bigger ones fight.

So that was the day, unfortunately no Marlin but who can complain about Yellowfin…

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