Ambition report 26th. June’17

It seems that the offshore fishing off Sydney is in the doldrums at present though there have been a few highlights.

Kingfish are making there presence felt on the inshore and offshore reef as well as in the harbour with some good Snapper being taken by those in the know but don’t ask me where they are, secret spots are just that.

As I mentioned offshore fishing is quiet, not to say there is nothing out there. Browns is hit and miss some catching good sized Blue Eye and the occasional very small Gemfish but the majority doing nothing but losing gear. To make matters worse or better depending on your preferences Mako’s are showing up and stealing catches. One Mako taken last week went 268 kilo’s which augers well for the upcoming Mako Tournament held by SGFC in early August. Mako numbers should start to increase over the next few weeks when they and the rotten Blue Sharks move in for their spawning run to coincide with the Gemfish migration in July and August.

Tuna, there are reports of Yellowfin to the North and Bluefin to the South and virtually nothing out front. The currents off Sydney look good for Yellowfin but when you get out there other than whales it is a virtual desert, surely it is only a matter of time. To the South Bluefin have been caught as close as Jervis Bay and appear to be coming our way.

Over the last few years the Bluefin have turned up off Sydney in early to mid-July but how long they stay is anyone’s guess, one thing for sure it is not for very long so be prepared…

Tight lines,

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