Ambition report 21st. March’ 16


It looked like the warm water had moved back in close last Saturday but it is very fickle with temperatures around 24 degrees at Seal Rocks last Thursday and back to 21 on Saturday.

While fishing the Gibber I did mark what appeared to be a couple of Marlin but with no takers it remains a matter of speculation, we did manage a couple of Snapper and a Trag as by catch though.

First off we went out wide stopping off at the FAD and managing one good Mahi Mahi before they went off the bite. It was a good to see that the current had eased and the temperature was up around 24 C, there. However, as we went wider the current increased dramatically and with it running South into the building Southerly wind and swell it was becoming quite nasty, at around 80 fathoms the decision was made to fish inshore where we ended up at the Gibber and the ‘V’ catching some nice bottom fish as mentioned but no Marlin.

Looking forward the weather is looking good over Easter, unusual as that may be and with the warm water still moving in we could expect another run in shore and if we keep our fingers crossed and the current eases along the shelf maybe even a late run of Stripies with the Blue Marlin always a possibility. I know it is a lot of ‘ifs’ but if you’re not optimistic you’d never go fishing.

Because of the weather and the potential for a late run I’ll be available up here at Port until after Easter so if anyone wants to give it a go give me a call or email me via my website…

Tight lines,

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